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"Here are icons for general use on character pages and other things. These are mostly taken from the excellent (but now defunct) Wolf-Spoor Avatars site. The are licensed thorugh Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0, like the rest of the wiki. There's a new wolf-spoor site here, but it's drawn in a custom style that doesn't fit with these."

- From the Icons page at our friends over on The Reach



Mortal.png Vampire the requiem.png Ghoul.png Sfpdicon1.png Sfpdicon2.png

Vampire: the Requiem


Clan daeva.png Clan gangrel.png Clan mekhet.png Clan nosferatu.png Clan ventrue.png

Clan icon daeva.png Clan icon gangrel.png Clan icon mekhet.png Clan icon nosferatu.png Clan icon ventrue.png


Covenant carthian movement.png Covenant circle of the crone.png Covenant invictus.png Covenant lancea sanctum.png Covenant ordo dracul.png

Covenant unaligned.png Covenant belials brood.png

Carthian Movement

Covenant carthian movement anti-obstructionist army.png Covenant carthian movement bodhisatcracy.png Covenant carthian movement carthian atheists.png Covenant carthian movement collectivists.png Covenant carthian movement individualists.png Covenant carthian movement middle of the road.png Covenant carthian movement oppositionists.png Covenant carthian movement paranormal phenomena investigations.png Covenant carthian movement sabotage artists.png

Ordo Dracul

Covenant ordo dracul sworn of the axe.png Covenant ordo dracul sworn of the dying light.png Covenant ordo dracul sworn of the mysteries.png



Bloodline daeva amara havana.png Bloodline daeva anvari.png Bloodline daeva asnam.png Bloodline daeva california xiao.png Bloodline daeva children of judas.png Bloodline daeva duchagne.png Bloodline daeva en.png Bloodline daeva erzsebet.png Bloodline daeva gulikan.png Bloodline daeva kallisti.png Bloodline daeva kinnaree.png Bloodline daeva mortifiers of the flesh.png Bloodline daeva nelapsi.png Bloodline daeva septimi.png Bloodline daeva spina.png Bloodline daeva the carnival.png Bloodline daeva tianpan xiao.png Bloodline daeva toreador.png


Bloodline gangrel annunaku.png Bloodline gangrel barjot.png Bloodline gangrel bohagande.png Bloodline gangrel childer of the morrigan.png Bloodline gangrel dead wolves.png Bloodline gangrel hounds of actaeon.png Bloodline gangrel les gens libres.png Bloodline gangrel mabry.png Bloodline gangrel mara.png Bloodline gangrel moroi.png Bloodline gangrel mystikol.png Bloodline gangrel oberlochs.png Bloodline gangrel shepherd.png Bloodline gangrel sta-au.png Bloodline gangrel taifa.png Bloodline gangrel vedma.png


Bloodline mekhet agonistes.png Bloodline mekhet alucinor.png Bloodline mekhet bak-ra.png Bloodline mekhet brothers of ypres.png Bloodline mekhet iltani.png Bloodline mekhet khaibit.png Bloodline mekhet kuufukuji.png Bloodline mekhet libitinarius.png Bloodline mekhet mnemosyne.png Bloodline mekhet morbus.png Bloodline mekhet norvegi.png Bloodline mekhet osites.png Bloodline mekhet philologi.png Bloodline mekhet players.png Bloodline mekhet qedeshah.png Bloodline mekhet sangiovanni.png Bloodline mekhet sta-au.png Bloodline mekhet tismanu.png


Bloodline nosferatu adroanzi.png Bloodline nosferatu azerkatil.png Bloodline nosferatu baddacelli.png Bloodline nosferatu burakumin.png Bloodline nosferatu caporetti.png Bloodline nosferatu cockscomb.png Bloodline nosferatu galloi.png Bloodline nosferatu gethsemani.png Bloodline nosferatu lygos.png Bloodline nosferatu mayarap.png Bloodline nosferatu moroi.png Bloodline nosferatu morotrophians.png Bloodline nosferatu noctuku.png Bloodline nosferatu order of sir martin.png Bloodline nosferatu rakshasa.png Bloodline nosferatu usiri.png Bloodline nosferatu yagnatia.png


Bloodline ventrue apollinaire.png Bloodline ventrue architects of the monolith.png Bloodline ventrue bron.png Bloodline ventrue canda bhanu.png Bloodline ventrue corajoso.png Bloodline ventrue dragolescu.png Bloodline ventrue geheim.png Bloodline ventrue gorgons.png Bloodline ventrue icarians.png Bloodline ventrue macellarius.png Bloodline ventrue malkovians.png Bloodline ventrue malocusians.png Bloodline ventrue melissidae.png Bloodline ventrue nahualli.png Bloodline ventrue rotgrafen.png Bloodline ventrue sotoha.png

By Covenant

Carthian Movement

Bloodline carthian movement barjot.png

Circle of the Crone

Bloodline circle of the crone ansam.png Bloodline circle of the crone carnon.png Bloodline circle of the crone childer of the morrigan.png Bloodline circle of the crone gorgons.png Bloodline circle of the crone mara.png


Bloodline invictus annunaku.png Bloodline invictus kallisti.png Bloodline invictus malocusians.png Bloodline invictus sotoha.png Bloodline invictus spina.png

Lancea Sanctum

Bloodline lancea sanctum icarians.png Bloodline lancea sanctum mortifiers of the flesh.png Bloodline lancea sanctum osites.png

Ordo Dracul

Bloodline ordo dracul azerkatil.png Bloodline ordo dracul dragolescu.png Bloodline ordo dracul libitinarius.png Bloodline ordo dracul moroi.png Bloodline ordo dracul tismanu.png Bloodline ordo dracul vedma.png

Ghoul family

Ghoul family daeva children of nirriti.png Ghoul family invictus bulls.png Ghoul family invictus hostewicks.png Ghoul family nosferatu gravenor.png Ghoul family ventrue alley men.png Ghoul family ventrue crassus.png

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